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There are several possible reasons why your garage door stopped working. Here are some of the potential problems:
Broken Garage Door Springs
This is probably the most common problem that will cause your garage door to stop working. Your garage door opener only does a portion of the actual lifting required to move your garage door. A torsion spring that typically runs along the ceiling over your garage door keeps the garage door opener from doing all of the work. If that spring breaks, which typically will happen every 5-7 years, your garage door opener will not be able to open the door.
Symptoms of a broken garage door spring:
• You heard a loud bang or snapping noise coming from the garage.
• You can see a break in the spring.
• Everything else seems to be in working order, but the door will not open.

Symptoms of a broken or loose garage door cable:
• Door seems to open or close unevenly.
• Visible signs of cables fraying, cables are loose, or disconnected

Door Off Track Repair
• If your door comes off track it could be due to the fact that your wheels are worn out and are dragging instead of
rolling through the track.
Garage door rollers need to be replaced
The runners that house the garage door rollers or wheels can become dented, bent or otherwise broken over time. When garage doors get over 10 years old, a lot of build up from dust, oil, lubricants and other environmental factors can start to take their toll. Allstar Garage Door Repair only fixes the things that need fixing. Rollers and runners are a great example of something that will keep your garage door from working, but are not very expensive to replace. Be wary of garage door repair companies that want to sell you an entire new garage door when all you need are minor repairs. <p > Symptoms of a faulty garage door roller and or rail
• Garage door makes an excessive amount of noise when opening and closing.
• Garage door seems to shake or does not ride up and down smoothly.

While we hope the above information is helpful, there is really no substitute for a trained professional looking over the situation. Call Allstar Garage Door Repair today at (214) 566-2739 to schedule a time for your repair.


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